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Art is not just about what you make, it is about ideas. My paintings and cartoons are merely expressions of ideas that I have had either for a long time, or maybe more recently that have crept into my mind during the continuous evolution of life.

I tend to cartoon about daily happenings, a journal in a sense. Mostly my take on our current situation in America. The strip tends to focus on the undefined time of young adulthood, when we as people are told to go out and become something within the current structure of the world. I sometimes wonder if that structure is even worth continuing. Perhaps we should be striving for something new and different, or perhaps we should try to focus more on ideas or principles that are not accepted as mainstream at this point. At other times the strip just makes light of everyday happenings that I hope people can relate to. That is what cartooning has been about for me since I began years ago.

My paintings tend to deal with more abstract ideas and emotions that are harder to describe and pinpoint. Although they are of "nothing" they are representations of the ideas and emotions that go into creating them. I inject thoughts and feelings into them during the creative process, most of which is painted over, and those ideas simply become part of the final piece. Usually while working on one of these abstract pieces I work on a cartoonish piece as well, and have been practicing this technique for the last few years. My aim for my painting is to create works that are aesthetically pleasing while perhaps raising some thought within the viewer based on the title of the piece, which tends to be the premise or idea from which the piece originated.

I would love to hear about you reactions and ideas to my pieces. After all, creating new ideas and guiding people to think more is in part what I hope to communicate.

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